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Fact: Magma is hotter than lava because that's the form it's in while swirling around at the Earth's core. Another thing that's just as hot is the content on this network, which probably explains why it calls itself Magma Film. Just as with actual magma, however, you might feel like you're getting burned if you're not careful. I actually enjoyed everything I watched here. With a membership, you get access to over a dozen German sites (MagmaFilm also has its own content) and they combine to give you 1,020 videos. That isn't too bad in my book considering they're all authentic German scenes. However, the films aren't subtitled and that can be a bit annoying if you don't speak German. The way the network is set up, you can view all the scenes from each of the sites in one section, check out the movies section to see which ones were compiled into German porn DVDs over time, or head to the list of sites and select one so as to filter the collection that way. There's also a model index, but it's only really good for finding the scenes each model appears in. One of the sites, Porn In The USA, is actually in English and stars American pornstars in all-girl orgies, lesbian pairings, threesomes and other types of fuck fests. The others, including Magma Casting 1, Pro Amateur, Stradtficker and 100% Kleidergeil, tend to have some sort of lead-up with a decent amount of dialogue before getting to the action.